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Renewable energy in the People's Republic of China

Author:gzhw  From:Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Date:2012-3-28 9:28:05  Click:271
Renewable energy in the People's Republic of China

Renewable energy is helping the People's Republic of China complete its economic transformation and achieve "energy security". China rapidly has moved along the path of renewable energy development. About 17 percent of China's electricity came from renewable sources in 2007, led by the world's largest number of hydroelectric generators.


China had a total installed capacity of hydropower of 197 GW in 2009. Technology development and increased amounts of investment in renewable energy technologies and installations have increased markedly throughout the 2000s in China, and investment in renewable is now part of China's economic stimulus strategy. Researchers from Harvard University and Tsinghua University have found that the People's Republic could meet all of its electricity demands from wind power by 2030. Despite this, Wen Jiabao stated in a March 5th, 2012 report that China will end the "blind expansion" into wind and solar energy, insteading developing nuclear power, hydropower, and shale gas.