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Guangdong Fude Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participates actively in GZWEE 2012!

Author:admin  From:本站  Date:2012-4-25 8:56:49  Click:271
Guangdong Fude Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participates actively in GZWEE 2012!

Guangdong Fude Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a science, industry and trade integration, passive resistive and capacitive components operating new electronic information-based products, high-tech companies. Since 1997 has entered the electronic components industry, Guangdong Ford make every effort, with its unique international perspective, keen entrepreneurial spirit, emotion and passion for innovation, the development by leaps and bounds, with a complete and mature industry chain, with the communications, consumer, computer, automotive electronics and other electronic machine supporting the delivery of large-scale integrated production capacity. Company aims to become world-class product integration of electronic information infrastructure supporting providers to provide customers with comprehensive information services and supermarkets based collaborative product design value-added services.
The new face of the global electronics industry, the new competitive landscape, a culture is the soul to the brand as the flag, with innovative line of professional expertise for the sword company, Guangdong Ford will continue to follow "for the country, for the community, customers, employees for shareholders, "the business, with advanced management system, strong development capability, excellent product quality and perfect service, the courage to meet new challenges, and strive to become the world's passive electronic components and technology solutions in a technical and the core competitive advantage leading international enterprise.
Main Product: chip resistors, chip capacitors, metal film resistors, carbon film resistors, metal oxide film resistors, Cement resistors, wirewound resistors, power resistors, precision resistors, high precision resistors, jumper manganin resistance, large power wirewound resistors, aluminum resistance, resistance box.