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 Ø Wind Turbine: (grid-connected wind turbine, off-grid wind turbine, double-fed wind turbine, direct-drive wind turbine, wind and solar power generation system, distributed wind power generation system, distributed power generation and Energy storage equipment);
Ø Wind Turbine Supporting Equipment and Components: (leaves and related materials, composite materials, gear boxes, bearings, lubricants (generators), generators, transformers, control systems, remote monitoring systems, converters, hydraulic systems, System, lightning protection system, cable and cable jacket, installation and transportation equipment, fasteners, test equipment, and wind turbine supporting various types of hydraulic pump);

Ø Offshore Wind Power Technology and Equipment: marine installation and platform, offshore operations related equipment, large transport of sea, high voltage power cable, transformer platform, life saving and safety equipment, diving equipment, alarm devices, remote sensing technology and applications, anti-corrosion and water control, offshore wind farm maintenance, construction and services);
Ø Wind farm services and consulting: (wind resource assessment, wind farm design, wind farm construction and wind farm management, power investment and power grid operation consulting services, and network, transmission, installation and maintenance consulting services) related businesses; Of the credit records and brand of business.